Organization Staff

Board of Advisors

Chairman of the Advisory Board: Marcos

Advisor: Travis R. Brandow

Advisor: Michael Burke

Advisor: Dante Migale

Advisor: Demetrius Striplin

Committee for Philosophical Research & Development


Committee Member:

Committee Member:

Committee Member:

Department Officers, Division Controllers, & Personnel


Executive Director: Mark A. Thomson

He received his bachelor’s of science degree in business administration with special concentration in technical studies and a minor in astronomy. Mark served as a volunteer for the Golden Gate Opera, where he served as secretary and as a member of the board of directors.

Assistant Director:

Treasurer: Roberto M. Muñoz

He received his associate’s of science degree in business administration, and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s of science degree in computer science. Roberto’s professional experience includes working in the field of information technology.

Secretary: Joseph E. Hunter

He studied physics for two years before ultimately deciding to acquire his bachelor’s degree in history, specializing in the history of the Mongol Empire. He also has a strong historical knowledge base of imperial China, and studied Latin, which he can speak fluently. Joseph’s professional experience is broad, and includes archival work, legal work, and working at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, California.


Administrative Assistant:

Executive Assistant:

Department of Executive Management

Chief Management Officer (CMO): Travis R. Brandow


Mr. Travis R. Brandow has spent years attempting to better man, from writing a book to help countless college students save time and money to donating blood as often as possible, he’s always at the forefront of helping the little guy and ultimately the human race.  Travis earned his bachelor’s degree in business and served on the board of directors for Portland University Bookstore. View this hyperlink here for Mr. Brandow’s book on saving time and money when pursuing a college degree.

Chief Administrator

Michael Burke; Staff Supervisor

Richard Rivera; Senior Staff Member

Demetrius Striplin; Senior Staff Member

Hendrik Irawan; Resource Development Specialist

Department of Financial Operations

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Roberto M. Muñoz

Dikshya Pandey; Fundraising Analyst & Bookkeeper

Kimberly Mullins; Senior Grant Writer

Emma Majewski; Grant Writer

Department of Public Affairs

Chief Public Affairs Officer (CPAO): Claudia Boaknin

Executive Assistant to the Chief Public Affairs Officer

Chief Ambassador


Senior Representative



Public Information Supervisor

Robert Kent; Archivist

Lieve Smeets; Translator (English/Dutch)

Dr. Ismail Aldalo; Linguistics Coordinator (Head of Arabic Translations Team)

Souhail Arfaoui; Senior Translator (English/Arabic/French)

Sarah Najem; Translator (English/Arabic/Braille)

Dr. Victor Zamorano Blanco, Ph.D.; Linguistics Coordinator (Head of Spanish Translations Team)

Iris Blanco Gabás; Translator (English/Spanish)

Luisa Jimenez; Translator (English/Spanish)

Malia Williams; Translator (English/Spanish)

Jhoselin Calderon; Translator (English/Spanish)

Estefania Acevedo; Translator (English/Spanish)

Laura Lacárcel Juliá; Translator (English/Spanish/Catalan)

Hendrik Irawan; Translator (English/Indonesian)

Anna Wolf; Translator (English/German/Spanish/Russian)

Muhammed Irmak; Translator (English/Turkish)

Irina Sitnikova; Senior Translator (English/Russian/Lithuanian)

Aleksandr Molchagin; Translator (English/Russian)

Luisa Del Caro; Senior Translator (Head of Brazilian Portuguese Translations Team)

Cleise Almeida; Translator (English/Brazilian Portuguese)

Rodrigo Cabral Rodrigues; Translator (English/Brazilian Portuguese)

Department of Scientific Research

Chief Scientific Research Officer (CSRO): Albert K. Bender

Oscar Esparza; Senior Life Sciences Researcher (Marine Ecology)

Rebecca Williamson; Social Sciences Researcher (Cultural Anthropology; writing/archiving)

Department of Artistic Development

Chief Artistry Officer (CAO): Dante Migale

Department of Security Operations

Chief Operations Officer (COO): OPEN