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Executive Director

Mark Thomson


Administrative Assistant

Mario Lomeli

Adekunle Oluwa



Assistant Director



Joseph E. Hunter

Chief Financial Officer (CFO – Financial Operations)

Roberto Muñoz


Grant Writer

Emma Majewski

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Travis R. Brandow


Staff Manager


Staff Coordinator

Michael Burke


Graphic Designer

Carolina Ingram

Chief Public Affairs Officer (CPAO – Public Affairs)

Demetrius Striplin


Public Outreach Specialist

Mario Lomeli

Linguistics Coordinator

Dr. Ismail Aldalo (Arabic Translations Team)

Dr. Victor Zamorano Blanco (Spanish Translations Team)

Senior Translators

Souhail Arafoui (Arabic Translations Team & French)

Estefania Acevedo (Spanish Translations Team)


Laura Flores (Spanish Translations Team)

Iris B.G. (Spanish Translations Team)

Esther López (Spanish Translations Team)

Malia Williams (Spanish Translations Team)

Antonio Sánchez (Spanish Translations Team)

Laura Lacárcel Julià (Spanish Translations Team & Catalan)

Sergi López Arraut (Spanish Translations Team & Catalan)

Samantha Manausa (Spanish Translations Team)

Aleksandr Molchagin (Russian)

Anastasia Bezgodkova (Russian)

Hendrik Irawan (Indonesian)

Grazyna Rog (Polish)

Ruba Al-Ahmad (Arabic Translations Team)

Muhammed Irmak (Turkish)

Erin Stevenson (French)

Ando Rakotomanana (French)

Francesco Mafodda (Italian Translations Team)

Letizia Sarteanesi (Italian Translations Team)

Rodrigo Cabral Rodrigues (Brazilian Portuguese)

Francine Cot-om (Tagalog)

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)




Brandon Chang

Senior Software Developer

Anup Deb

Software Developer

Rohit Gopal

Current Projects

• Cultural Development Project (Ongoing)

An ongoing project to distribute literature and other media intended to spread a philosophy of positive intellectual and moral values.


• (Window Dimming: An idea to help reduce the number of birds killed by flying into windows)
• Coral Bleaching Research: anchored surface reflectors
• Micro-Plastics Research: autonomous filtration barges
• (Initial Hydroponics Design Fund: this would be a fund set aside to pay a team of engineers and architects to design a hydroponics facility for related research and development projects)
• Hydroponics & Honeybee Pollination Project (to build a modular hydroponics facility at least two-floors in height, and which can be separated into a separate section in order to begin isolating potential causes for colony collapse disorder, and begin exploring solutions. Objectives: development of automated organic low-cost hydroponic foods, development of low-cost food delivery systems, understanding ecosystem engineering for ecosystem restoration and to gather data for potential terraforming efforts on Mars in the future, to determine the causes of and solutions for colony collapse disorder, and to determine the viability of growing a diverse climatic range of crops in a desert location, determine efficacy of using cob construction for on-site staff housing).
• Use cob village at hydroponics site for testing social modeling
• Urban Sprawl, Albedo, and Regional Climatic Effects: attempt to develop methods that will reduce regional temperature increases resulting from the usage of asphalt roads and rooftops. May include research into alternative materials.
• Human hormonal and genomic changes from chemical and cultural exposures in foodstuffs and multimedia