Miscellaneous Cheesy Videos & Documentaries

Here you’ll find an unfortunate mixture of good material and mentally-ill crackpots, as well as some potentially disturbing things that we really haven’t been able to process due to insufficient information. Try and test your logic and critical thinking by sifting through. In the future, we’d like to separate this material by putting all the crackpot crud onto its own page featuring a variety of notorious cranks, but for now, and for the sake of time and laziness, it’s all been slopped onto this terrible page. The point of this page is simply to act as a bookmarking page of various materials, nothing more.

Having this page accessible to the public is done with great reluctance. Please keep in mind that there is plenty of good information regarding various fringe topics, and if you can find it, it will improve your understanding of the way our world works. Unfortunately, cranks and people who may be genuinely mentally-ill often fill the ranks, spewing out nonsense and half-truths. We do not endorse or vouch for the veracity of any of the material here. Remember, this is simply archived material for some of our organization’s researchers to sift through, for our own purposes, and this means looking at the baloney, the truths, and the genuine mysteries.

We must have standards of evidence by which we base our beliefs, because without them, we can become blinded by lies. However, if we limit our interests to only that which we have experienced, then we shall blind ourselves from the truth.


Secret Society Exotic Dancing

Horrid Secret Society Sacrificing

Supposedly Dissected Corpse Purchased from Criminal Organization in Russia…

Secret KGB Files

The Coral Castle!

More “Secret” KGB Stuff

Probably Just Wax & Clay Moon Woman Covered in Chicken Bones, but it’s Up to You to Decide


Quite Possibly a Cult Hijacking of a British TV Station


Technically-Apt Nutcase Hijacks American TV Station

Niagara MIBs Caught on Video


More UFO Gollywalker Fun

Portugal Pyramid Numerological OCD Fun


Phil Schneider