Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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Our Abstract Philosophical Goals

Short-Term Mission Statement:

We shall work to expound our philosophy of compassion, strength, integrity, wisdom, and prosperity built on rational and enlightened thinking and behavior, as opposed to purely algorithmic thinking and behavior, as the substance to a global culture of individuality.

Mid-Term Mission Statement:

The Tellus Nova Foundation is focused on using socioeconomic development and ecological conservation projects in tandem with offering artistic, educational, and scientific grants around the world in order to build a greater sense of unity and peace, all towards securing a more fruitful future for and on the planet Earth.

Long-Term Mission Statement:

Our mission is to establish an enlightened secular civilization built on a culture of individual identity and critical thinking that promotes proactive thought on the part of individuals, through the development of heightened conscious awareness and reasoning in the individuals who come to compose such a society, all so that we can ensure that there is a fruitful future for and on the planet Earth.

Current Objectives:

*Fundraising via grants, donations, and business network development

*Grow cultural movement

*Form small business development project

Current Projects:

* Organization Resource Development (Ongoing)

  • Continue building network of donors and partnered investors
  • Continue business research and procurement for select plans
  • Save funds to acquire and sell tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, canteens, and books on online store

* Charity Drag-Race (Planned Fundraiser)

  • Build up public following
  • Create partnerships program with other non-profits organizations
  • Solicit sponsorship from for-profit companies

* Pisces Project (Ongoing)

  • Continue building research team
  • Procure funding and investment partnerships

* Lake County Economic Development Project (Planned)

  • Create small business partnership and consultation program for struggling businesses
  • Draft list of business proposals to revitalize downtown areas
  • Intellectual development program to challenge children to think

* Cultural Development Project (Current Focus)

  • Distribute reading materials in different languages to help persuade people to move away from reactive group-thinking and towards individuality
  • Continue to build momentum for global cultural movement
  • Continue and expand public tabling
  • Encourage local communities to start their own TNF branches or their own like-minded organizations to partner with TNF
  • Increase public receptiveness to proactive critical thinking, voluntarism, and international cooperation to solve social and ecological crises, and generate familiarity with TNF’s mission.
  • Future generations will benefit the most from this process, by giving them a new and more enlightened cultural environment from where to develop their paradigms of thought and behavior. Both industrialized and developing countries will benefit by an increased interest, in shifting thought patterns and behaviors
  • Future generations benefit by being immersed in a shifting (or already shifted) culture of critical thinking and rationalism over sophistry, individual identity to encourage free and innovative thought and expression, and a shift away from the violence and zero-sum game of tribalism, and the benefit of being encouraged to think proactively, so as to prevent and solve personal and collective crises rather to be a reacting victim of such crises
  • TNF will evaluate the success of our cultural movement by examining our growth in following via social media, the spreading of stickers, sales of promotional products, and the numbers of new branches or like-minded groups; supervisors involved in tabling and those sent to travel will be required to update staff back home on their progress, and on the receptiveness of the public in each region.