Clothing & Accessories

We have everything from t-shirts, to tote bags, to pillows, to leggings!  See our external store page below featuring an array of designs.

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Paperback Books

The special first edition of Tellus Nova is available online (and at certain bookstores; e.g. Copperfield’s Books in San Rafael, California).  We have included hyperlinks for you to purchase a copy of the book through or through

Special First Edition Black & White (Barnes & Noble) ( $10.93 USD- Red Cover

Special First Edition Color Appendix $35.02 USD Red Cover

First Edition E-Book $0.99

IMPROVED Red&Gold Cover (JPEG)
A 5.06″x7.81″ paperback version of Tellus Nova that has a small full color appendix. We are working to find alternative printing companies in order to get a cheaper printing cost. Price: $30.00 USD Product Number: BTN#001