The world around us is constantly changing. Change happens all around us at different rates, and some of these changes are leading to a growing set of global crises. The issues resulting from dying ecosystems, social disorder, disease, and war often catch people by surprise. Yet such issues can actually be quite predictable when we seek to better understand the attitudes we and others live by and when we examine how slow incremental changes occur.

Our attitudes tend to develop from the ideas we are raised with since childhood, the ideas impressed upon us by society, and ultimately, how we choose to embrace or reject these ideas as adults. When we can understand and appreciate the impact that we collectively have on the world and how our attitudes change the world in subtle ways, we can make more informed decisions in our daily lives that can help change the world for the better. Our opinions on nature, the things we buy, and how we treat others are all reflective of our own personal philosophy. While it is easier to exclusively blame political leadership or scapegoat groups of people for the problems the world continues to face, it is our collective paradigm, shaped by our cultures, that is the greatest cause of much of these global changes.

We believe that the state of a culture heavily impacts all other facets of a society, and that a more enlightened global culture can lead to a better future for everyone. A more enlightened culture is one which encourages people to consider the larger and more long-term consequences of their actions; one in which people remove themselves from the center of how they see the world around them and willingly place the needs of others ahead of their own mild discomforts and personal conveniences.

We are dedicated to addressing the root cause of the world’s crises (our attitudes on wealth, nature, politics, war), rather than merely addressing the issues that are symptomatic of these root causes (ecosystem collapse, socioeconomic disparity, political corruption). The Tellus Nova Foundation (TNF) does this by publishing and freely distributing media that in some way promotes a philosophy for a healthier culture, and thus a healthier world. By either producing our own materials or gaining permission from creative people to assist them in publishing and freely distributing their work to the public, we seek to distribute media intended to open the minds of readers, awaken them to the crises we are currently facing as a planet, and challenge them to think about the potential solutions.