The World Today

Urban Jungle

The world today is in crisis.  Arable land per capita is decreasing, ecosystems are collapsing, water and food are being contaminated with artificial growth hormones and pesticides, wealth gaps are growing, conflict is becoming more destructive and prevalent in some areas, consumer technology is distracting people from themselves and the world around them, some major governments are approaching insolvency, many economies are in shambles, and the world is divided along ideological lines that have the power to wage nuclear Armageddon.

Before we can determine how to solve these problems, we hydrogen-bomb-63146must ask ourselves how did we get to this point?  The answer is that most people do not think or behave in a virtuous and rational manner.  The struggle between what a person should do, versus what a person wants to do, is typically won by the latter, and so prejudice against new ideas, the unwillingness to think, and the fixation on short-term gains has brought our world to a breaking point.

The Tellus Nova Foundation (TNF), (Tellus Nova being Latin for “New Earth”) was put together to help get us out of this mess.  By supporting our organization and its efforts, you can help us build the kind of public attitude that will be able to solve current crises and prevent future crises from happening.  By supporting the TNF, you will also be helping to create new sustainable economies and infrastructure that can be balanced with surrounding ecosystems, and be doing your part to create a more peaceful, prosperous, and enlightened future.


The philosophy of our organization is to provide unconventional yet practical solutions to solve the modern world’s unconventional problems, and to pragmatically achieve ideal solutions.  We believe that the state of a culture heavily impacts all other facets of a society, and that a more enlightened global culture, can lead to a better future for everyone.

Our cultural development involves the free distribution of reading materials intended to open the minds of readers, awaken them to the crises we are currently facing as a planet, and challenge them to think about the potential solutions. The TNF is active in partnering with people to start their own businesses, and starting businesses of our own, in order to stimulate economic growth and develop a stronger base of funding for the TNF’s efforts to develop projects intended to fundamentally address many of the world’s major problems (such as the creation of a polymathic education system, purchasing land for ecological conservation, building water treatment facilities, and planning self-sustaining model communities).