What We Are About

We are a group of individuals dedicated to the fundamental improvement of the human condition.  We have a concrete plan by which to accomplish this, and are highly optimistic that this is an achievable reality.  We not only should change the common paradigms of thought, but we need to in order to develop a peaceful and prosperous world.

Our organization exists to help spread a global culture of individual-identity, rationalism, and critical thinking, in tandem with tangible projects to assist economically disadvantaged people in starting their own businesses, or pursuing goals in the arts and sciences.

We believe that this is the path to world peace and unity, to give people the real life opportunities they need, while encouraging the mindset needed to achieve their goals in the face of adversity.  By creating a more positive environment for people, we can create a more positive future.

Our Approach

The Tellus Nova Foundation has a fundamentally different approach to solving the problems of war and poverty.  We approach a problem with the understanding that everything in our universe is interconnected through intricate causal relationships.  While we support the efforts made by other organizations to dig latrines or buy cows for villagers in developing countries, or to pass around flyers discouraging people from poaching elephants, our approach is to analyze the root causes and motivations for the killing of elephants or the perpetuation of poverty and war.

We examine the cultural, economic, natural, and general social forces that have led to war and poverty, and seek to help people alter those forces, so as to fundamentally address the issues at hand.  This is why we aim to: perpetuate our cultural movement, help people start real solid businesses, and pursue knowledge and wisdom.  Giving away bags of food or putting up signs discouraging people from killing our fellow creatures is a nice enough thing to do in the short-run, but it will not actually solve the underlying reasons for why people are starving, or why ecosystems are suffering.

By helping people move away from tribalism and reactive group-thinking, and towards individual-identities and proactive critical thinking in regions where war and poverty are less present (and therefore less of an immediate concern), and by coupling this with investments in developing countries, by helping to build clinics, schools, storefronts, and giving locals in need the real economic and educational opportunities they need to prosper and no longer worry about life and death issues with such regularity, then there is a much better chance that our cultural concepts will be able to gain more traction in those regions.

By creating business and educational programs using micro-loans, grants, and partnerships, we can help fight the root causes of poverty, and even war, by giving people in need the tools to develop their own economies and gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to avert war.  By giving people with the capabilities and desire to become nurses and physicians the opportunities they need to go to school and become nurses and physicians, we can permanently improve accessibility to healthcare, whereas if we brought in a group of medical professionals for a week to do check-ups, we are not actually solving the problem, as much as we applaud the people who do that sort of charitable work.  By working towards a movement and set of programs focused on economic, educational, and cultural development, we can increase access to the opportunities people need to think long-term, and embrace the culture needed to maintain peace and prosperity; this is the true recipe to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

We Have Plenty of Reading Material


Check out our archive!  We have a wide range of material on a wide variety of topics, some a bit more seemingly outlandish than others.  We also have our own written materials in order to help spread the word of our mission.