Our Mission Statement

The mission of the TNF is to create an enlightened universal ethos for people to lead by, and to couple this with the research, development, and implementation of new social and infrastructural systems that can be used to alleviate global problems and pave the way for a brighter future on our planet.

Our Methods

The TNF is always working to raise the funds it needs for its projects focused on ecological, economic, cultural, and infrastructural development.  Our goal is to ensure that we, as planet, have a worthwhile future by transitioning to a new civilization built on the creation of an intellectually mature culture.  Our proposed cultural paradigm and new set of social and infrastructural systems will be demonstrated through their implementation in model communities, whose structure and residents can be used as examples to live by, and to test the validity of developed technologies and models, as well as the practicality of philosophies such as Metaholism.

We believe that the development of a universal culture of individuality, critical thinking, and reason can serve as a more enlightened paradigm, and that such a culture can bring people from around the world together under the common cause of making the world a more peaceful, prosperous, and enlightened place.  The cultural portion of our mission will be accomplished through the education of the public using freely accessible philosophical reading materials, particularly on the philosophy of Metaholism to which our organization is based from, and other media that will encourage readers to think more about the larger picture.

Donations, grants, investments, and business ventures will be used to fund the development of solutions to the world’s major crises by creating the physical infrastructure we need to have a more sustainable future.  This more tangible part of our mission will be accomplished as the TNF develops its business and donor network to fund projects such as large-scale hydroponic farming, purchasing land to help protect ecosystems, building schools oriented around a higher standard of learning, developing simpler forms of water desalination and tertiary water treatment, scientific research, artistic commissions, and planning the development of self-sustainable model communities.


The TNF was founded by a social club originally focused on discussing the state of the world and the future, and finding ways to create a better future than what the club’s membership was seeing unfold. The club also served a secondary function of helping to provide a platform of financial cooperation among its members, as it was founded by people who were quite poor, and the hope was to set an example of generosity and cooperation for the public to follow. The TNF carries the legacy of this club in its mission today.
The name “Tellus Nova,” means “New Earth.” We took the name from the philosophy book Tellus Nova, which was the published compilation of the same authors work on the Terra Nova books written between 2006 and 2014. The book describes the author’s general ideas on metaphysics, morality, enlightenment, nature, and social structures, as they pertain to the philosophy of Metaholism.
The Tellus Nova Foundation bears the name of this book, as a sign of our continued efforts to improve the state of the human condition, and our planet. The TNF has built itself from this legacy of a true grassroots beginning, and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2017.

Staff Directory, Organizational Chart, & Projects (Current and Proposed)